Axle is a stunning Percheron/TB cross, standing at 16HH even with sturdy bone, good feet, and sound health.
He is well trained, stands beautifully to mount and dismount, allows bit contact or not, responds to leg aids, and was purchased as the "husband" horse. He has done mostly rural country road riding, some trail (he is an excellent 4 wheeler! As he will go through anything) and field rides too. He does very well with "the husband" who is a novice rider. Throughout the summer he was ridden western, and this winter he has been ridden exclusively bareback.
Axle is the first to call to you when you get home and he gallops down the driveway with us as we drive in. He has excellent ground manners as he does not invade your space and he was trained to be very respectful of handlers. He was a little sensitive to being a pet when we first got him, but now he thoroughly enjoys a good belly or wither scratch - rocking his body and wiggling his lips. He really is quite entertaining.
We really enjoy this guy, however, my 15 yr old gelding and Axle do not pasture well together. Neither are aggressive to the rest of the herd, however, they are aggressive towards each other. My old gelding has seniority, it is really unfortunate, but Axle needs a new home.
If you are interested in this strapping, yet graceful gelding, please message me! (My internet access may be limited over Christmas/New Years - but if you are interested I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible in the New Year).
Thanks for your time!
PS. Don't be deceived by Axle's size in the photos, his rider is a 6'4" long legged, sturdy guy himself - so just picture how small John Wayne's horses always looked with that big guy on them. Axle is 16HH big and solid. No issues carrying anyone.